The customizable Mobile Wallet & Debit Card solution for your business

blinxPay™ Global

Send money to family and friends internationally

blinxPay™ Mobile Wallet

Add funds, send money and make purchases

Prepaid Debit Cards

Perfect for customers that want convenience without hidden fees

Does your business need its own payment system?

The blinxPay™ Mobile Wallet and Debit Card provide a Customizable Payment System and Membership Management System for a fraction of the cost of developing your own

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Prepaid Debit Cards

Card Programs Designed for Your Business

blinxPay™ offers a range of card program options including virtual cards, perfect for online shopping, and customizable plastic cards for brick and mortar retailers

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Customizable Program to Fit Your Needs

blinxPay™ is different from other prepaid debit or affinity programs because we can customize a virtual account or plastic debit card to the specific requirements of your company

Mobile App and Card Platform Licensing

We license, customize and build membership and loyalty according to the needs of our clients at a fraction of the cost of building your own financial system.

Learn About Spending Habits

Since blinxPay™ processes the financial transactions of its members, we are able to provide valuable data about your customers’ purchasing habits. Your company and your merchants can use this information for management and advertising purposes to better understand your customers and tailor your products to fit their needs.

Reward Loyal Customers

Participating merchants agree to offer instant discounts to members using the blinxPay™ system. Customers earn cash back for each purchase they make. Points are converted into dollars & automatically deposited into the customer’s account each month.

BlinxPay™ Mobile Wallet

Convenient and Easy to Use

Our most popular money transfer functions are accessible from the main screen. It’s easy to view your transactions and manage your funds using the mobile app or web app.

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Instant Money Transfer

Members can transfer money to other blinxPay™ account holders instantly. Low transfer fees encourage them to use the blinxPay system and take advantage of its benefits.

Instant Cash Discounts

blinxPay™ offers instant cash discounts on purchases made at participating merchants. There are no coupons to clip, special codes to remember or points to redeem. The savings to the customer are instant.

Instant Alert Notifications

Instant Alert Notifications help the member manage their account and prevent unauthorized use. Members can also be notified every time a transaction is made or if they have a low balance.

Easy Access to Transaction History

It’s easy and convenient for members to view a detailed list of their transactions using the app. If they prefer, members are also able to view transactions using our secure website.

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blinxPay™ Mobile Wallet is available for iOS and Android smart phones

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